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Lawrence F. London, Jr. lflondon at mindspring.com
Tue Mar 20 22:12:29 EST 2001

Adam & Jacqui here from a land called Billungah.

Just thought we'd pass this on. You might just know the right person to
give it to ! 

With thanks & regards,
Sustainable Mountain-Rainforest Property For Sale, near Sydney,
Located inside the rainforests of the Kangaroo Valley mountains, 2 hours
south of Sydney city, Billungah is a 50 acre, 
self-sufficient mountain retreat. It produces organic food, plant based
medicines, bio-fuels and building materials, renewable
energy and abundant supplies of clean, fresh water.
A haven of bio-diversity, the land has thousands of birds, animals and
rainforest plants living amongst numerous types of
foods, herbs and useful plants that are grown on site. Billungah is made
up of eleven different plateaus with mountain valley
views surrounded by warm-temperate rainforest. Springs in the forest,
gravity feed the entire property and supply numerous
creeklines filling dozens if rock-pools and pristine swimming holes
surrounded by ancient rock formations and jungle.
Situated close to Berry, the Pacific Ocean and Sydney, this permaculture
designed, flood and fire proof property uses
earth-care principles, conservation strategies, innovative technologies
and sustainable living initiatives. With an holistic,
collaborative plan for the future about to be implemented, a range of
benefits and a one-third ownership-share is now
available to a fellow custodian and partner to provide a productive,
multi-use, personal sanctuary with an organic farming,
natural medicine and earth-art focus.
For more details and an emailable MS Power Point presentation, please
email: billungah at fastrac.net.au
Web-site: www.billungah.org.au

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