home made fertilizer

Xavier Dequaire xavier at futurich.com
Tue Mar 20 03:35:17 EST 2001

fresh urine does not smell too much, therefore the recommanded direct use. It can then
also be used undilluted.
if you store urine, it will oxyde/ someone mentionned fermented urine.
One alternative to keep urine, is to put some oil in the tank where the urine is kept,
the thin oil film will prevent (slow down ) oxydation
Oxyded/fermented urine must be mixed 1 to 10-20 with water.

I'll try the wood shavings method!

Evan Davies wrote:

> The reason there is no smell using the sawdust method to store urine, is
> that sawdust, or wood shavings(sawdust will absorb the liquid a lot
> quicker)is a large proportion carbon, whilst urine is very high in water
> soluble nitrogen. and as any good composter knows, you need a balance of 25
> parts carbon to 1 part nitrogen to return this matterial to soil food as
> quick as possible. If the nitrogen is used to balance the carbon then no
> nitrogen loss through ammonia will occur, therefore no bad smells.

> Did you know that some monks will drink their urine in the morning to slow their
> metabolism, which helps them to meditate.

there is something called urine therapy...
search «  urine therapy »



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