home made fertilizer

Evan Davies evangardener at hotmail.com
Tue Mar 20 01:51:58 EST 2001

The reason there is no smell using the sawdust method to store urine, is 
that sawdust, or wood shavings(sawdust will absorb the liquid a lot 
quicker)is a large proportion carbon, whilst urine is very high in water 
soluble nitrogen. and as any good composter knows, you need a balance of 25 
parts carbon to 1 part nitrogen to return this matterial to soil food as 
quick as possible. If the nitrogen is used to balance the carbon then no 
nitrogen loss through ammonia will occur, therefore no bad smells. Did you 
know that some monks will drink their urine in the morning to slow their 
metabolism, which helps them to meditate.

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