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Mon Mar 19 11:50:20 EST 2001

On Mon, 19 Mar 2001 20:14:02 +1100, Pacific Edge Permaculture + Media

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>Hello everyone...
>The permaculture-oceania listserev is now a reality.
>The listserv will replace this ad-hoc mailing list.
>Permaculture-oceania allows permaculture and like minded people to talk
>directly to one another. When you respond to a mailing or when you initiate
>a mailing it goes to everyone on the list.

I've added a link (basically, the info you posted in your message, as
a text file to view) to your new list in my permaculture website. 
It is:
FAQ and info on subscribing

Maybe you could add links to this list in yours. They are:
Permaculture  list FAQ

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