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Mon Mar 19 04:14:02 EST 2001

Hello everyone...
The permaculture-oceania listserev is now a reality.

The listserv will replace this ad-hoc mailing list.

Permaculture-oceania allows permaculture and like minded people to talk
directly to one another. When you respond to a mailing or when you initiate
a mailing it goes to everyone on the list.

Joining the listserv is easy - simply send an email to the following
address: majordomo at

In the body of the message write:
subscribe permaculture-oceania (followed by your email address).

For example: subscribe permaculture-oceania pacedge at

Anyone anywhere can join the permaculture-oceania listserv. It serves
primarily the Oceania (Australia/ New Zealand/ South Pacific) + the South
Asia region.

The permaculture-oceania listserv has been set up:

1) to make possible easy communication and the sharing of information with
permaculture and like-minded people

2) to strengthen the permaculture, community ESD and ecological design
network in Australia/ New Zealand/ South Pacific/ South Asia

3) promote a sense of common purpose among participants in the region

3) to request assistance and information and to offer advice

4) to notify details of courses, workshops, events

5) to provide a forum for the discussion of issues

6) to distribute news of potential interest to the regional permaculture

7) to serve members of Permaculture International Limited, an organisation
of people active in pemaculture design and permaculture community-based

The Permaculure-oceania listserv is an unmoderated mailing group. There is
no one vetting mailings before they are posted online. The principle of
self-responsibility applies.

Remember - we are all colleagues so it's best to treat each other as such.
Discussion of difficult or controversial issues as well as disagreements
should be handled with the normal courtesy we would extend to anyone in


1) postings to permaculture-oceania go to the whole mailing group, so are
not private; to send a private response, email to the respondent's private
email address

2) avoid defaming people - defamation is a legal offence in Australia and
may be so in other countries.

3) information on how to leave the group are placed automatically at the end
of all emails by the server.

The listserv has been made possible through the UNSW by Cameron Little,
coordinator of the UNSW EcoLiving Centre in Sydney.

Welcome to the listserv. Please make use of it - it's yours, after all.

...Russ Grayson

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- organic gardening training
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