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> >use urin:
> >balanced fertilizer
> >free
> >home made
> >continuous and regular production right out of your pocket :-)
> >no storage needed
> >no processing needed
> >saving water
>Urine is an excellent fertiliser and is safe to use
>best used diluted with water between 1:10 to 1: 20 (that's 1 part urine)
>The 1: 20 solution can also be used as a foliar spray against powdery
>Urine is high in nitrogen so don't over-do it
>Recommend having a pee-bucket for night use (the 4am pee or first of the
>day is purest and most nutrient-rich). in the morning fill the pee bucket
>with water and use same day
>Don't store the pee or it will become ammoniacal and smell
after 24 hours can be used as a weed killer as i have seen and heard many 
times now. just my bit.

>Another good homemade liquid fertiliser can be made from comfrey leaves:
>half fill a bucket with leaves and fill with water, leave for 10-14 days
>it can become a bit smelly so locate it appropriately
>dilite 1:5-1:10 with water before use
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