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>use urin:
>balanced fertilizer
>home made
>continuous and regular production right out of your pocket :-)
>no storage needed
>no processing needed
>saving water

Urine is an excellent fertiliser and is safe to use
best used diluted with water between 1:10 to 1: 20 (that's 1 part urine)

The 1: 20 solution can also be used as a foliar spray against powdery 
Urine is high in nitrogen so don't over-do it
Recommend having a pee-bucket for night use (the 4am pee or first of the 
day is purest and most nutrient-rich). in the morning fill the pee bucket 
with water and use same day
Don't store the pee or it will become ammoniacal and smell

Another good homemade liquid fertiliser can be made from comfrey leaves:
half fill a bucket with leaves and fill with water, leave for 10-14 days
it can become a bit smelly so locate it appropriately
dilite 1:5-1:10 with water before use


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