what does anyone make of this mess?

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My take on this is one comment and several questions. We have SIDS (cott
death, actually sudden infant death syndrome) here in the U.S. as well, and
probably no sheep skins are in use here. Most are atributed to positioning
and bed clothes now. Not allowing loose bed linens and not allowing babies
to lie on their tummies is their solution. My questions deal with how the
arsenic got into the fleeces in the first place, was arsenic used to cure
and treat the fleeces? Or is it in the grasses that they eat in
concentration? That fungi cause the release of gas is also significant of
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For a Ger, wouldn't  the appropriate floor covering be oriental rugs?
Yes I think you are right. I'd better get a loom going. The had many woolen
animals however. But in all photos i have seen i have yet to see a fur skin
on the floor. I still would like to have them here. History is always
spinning new threads and my ger will be a little more diverse in materials i
Also, I just read a web page today that states emphatically by a doctor in
new zealand, that sheep skins give off arsenic . The doctor claimed
unavoidable evidence that "ARSENIC IN SHEEPSKINS is A MAJOR CAUSE OF COT
DEATH". What does anyone think of this? Here is the link to the site

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