home made fertilizer

Xavier Dequaire xavier at futurich.com
Fri Mar 16 01:44:29 EST 2001

the first and easiest thing:
use urin:
balanced fertilizer
home made
continuous and regular production right out of your pocket :-)
no storage needed
no processing needed
saving water

mIEKAL aND wrote:

> Im interested in making my own foliar feed & nutrient solutions for my container
> orchard.  Normally I use fish emulsion but the price seems to be going sky high.
> Does anyone have any sexy recipies that they can turn me onto, or webpages to point
> me to.
> still have 2 feet of snow here but  there's a rumor that spring is coming...
> dreamtime village
> http://net22.com/dreamtime/index.shtml
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