Looking to share skills and rest along our way

Harold Waldock haroldw at alternatives.com
Thu Mar 15 17:19:36 EST 2001

Hello Michael:

I do have some connections call me up 645 9529 one evening.

Harold Waldock
Vancouver Permaculture Network

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> Subject: Looking to share skills and rest along our way
> Greetings,
> Hoping this posting will help determine our way.
> My wife and I are planning a trip from coastal British Columbia to coastal
> North Carolina this fall.
> We are unsure as to our route of travel.
> We are looking to work exchange our way across the continent.
> We are looking to further our skills in Ecoforestry, Permaculture, Natural
> Farming, Biodynamic Farming, appropriate technology and sustainability.
> I have worked for many years in these fields (but recently new to
> Biodynamic
> Farming).
> My wife Kamal is inexperienced but eager to begin her learning.
> We are both hard workers, good cooks and easy to get along with.
> I can milk goats and make cheese.
> We are looking to stay 1 to 3 days on farms along our way.
> In exchange for our work we would like a place to sleep and perhaps some
> food.
> If there is no accomodations all we need is a place to set up our
> ger/yurt/wigwam/dwelling.
> I have some good skills to offer:
> Aside from any work you may have for us, I would be interested in
> exchanging
> my services as an Ecoforester.
> I can begin for you a comprehensive survey of all plants and ecosystems
> within your forest.
> This process is invaluable in helping you determine how best to
> ensure your
> forest will evolve back to old growth characteristics,
> while at the same time providing you with valuable timber, medicines,
> mushrooms etc.
> This method has proven to encourage maximum diversity within the forest.
> I will show you how to continue the documentation and leave you with the
> skills to map the ecosystems that surround you.
> I can operate a chainsaw, set chokers, split wood and am interested in
> learning about timber framing and post and beam construction.
> Michael Hollihn,
> Sustainable Forest-Farm-Garden Design
> Ecosystem Mapping For Sustainable Production of foods and building
> materials,
> yaya at telus.net
> 604.253.2536
> http://www3.telus.net/circleworks/sustmed2.htm
> Vancouver, BC, Canada
> NW Coastal Turtle Island
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