[Fwd: Fwd: Bill Moyers report on the CHEMICAL INDUSTRY]

Keith Johnson keithdj at mindspring.com
Thu Mar 15 15:36:00 EST 2001

> On March 26th at 9:00 pm, PBS will air  "Trade Secrets: A Moyers Report"
> (check your local listings for the exact time on your PBS station).
>    Now any time Bill Moyers looks into something it's worth our time. In

> this case, it's something we have been waiting for years for a journalist of
> his caliber to investigate:
> The chemical industry and its hidden toxic legacy.
>    It promises to be a ground breaking program, one that at long last gives
> the chemical industry the glaring attention it so richly deserves.  Even
> people who are already generally aware of the deadly practices and products
> foisted upon us by chemical companies will be stunned by Moyer's
> revelations.  This program is based on interviews with historians,
> scientists and physicians, and on a massive uncovered archive of secret
> industry documents that Moyers and producer Sherry Jones say rivals the now
> legendary "Tobacco Papers" for sheer, appalling shock value. What those
> papers apparently reveal is an industry that has put our health and safety
> at very dangerous risk and marshalled powerful forces in a largely
> successful effort to hide the truth at any cost. I urge you to watch this
> program.  Many of us are already aware of the problem and its seriousness.
>   But that's not the case with the majority of Americans. Indeed,
> research shows that most believe they're being quite adequately
> protected from chemical hazards by industry and government alike.
> That's hardly the case, and it is worth every effort each of us can
> make to ensure that all our friends and neighbors, no matter how
> politically uninvolved or environmentally unaware they might be, tune
> in and watch this historic broadcast.
>   To that end, the Environmental Health Fund, the Environmental Working
> Group, the Center for Health, Environment and Justice, and Women's
> Voices For the Earth are launching Coming Clean, an effort dedicated
> to organizing community viewings of the upcoming Moyers Report and
> doing whatever we can to ensure that after March 26, there are more
> people in more communities working to stop the chemical contamination
> of our food, bodies and environment. I hope you'll consider hosting a
> Coming Clean viewing event. (For more information about Coming Clean,
> contact Charlotte Brody at cbrody at chej.org or Sharyle Patton at
> spatton at igc.org, or visit http://www.comeclean.org or our own site at
> http://www.seventhgen.com). Whatever you do, make sure you're watching
> PBS on or about March 26th. And make sure everyone you know is
> watching with you. To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Thanks to Bill
> Moyers, we're about to get one of our biggest and best weapons yet in
> the fight against a poisoned planet.

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