Economics say all city dwellers must be vegan.

Randy donahuer at
Thu Mar 15 14:38:19 EST 2001

>>> Animals on the other hand, have a mind of their own.
Michael Hollihn wrote in response:
>>But the carrot is ours to do as we please? We own the carrot because it
>>lacks something we lack? Now who is the righteous one? Fence it in, then
>>before it can blossom its flower and sew its seed we can yank it out and eat
>>it dead?

  I was making an argument for the efficiency of plants over animals, since
food is what we're providing to those who can eat today and understand
tomorrow, not the possible cruelty to either animals or plants. Oh ya, and I
am the righteous one, my friend, since I am willing to say these things in a
list of those who would say otherwise, and therefore I have a little
character as a result. And as for the carrot, its death comes on a cellular
level, since the carrot can be pulled from the ground and, after being
sliced in discs, used to propagate an infinite amount carrots(given time).
So what, the carrot screams as it is pulled from the ground, it screams
louder as it is cut, it sobs as you begin to propagate, it gets confused as
its multiple selves begin to grow, and then it looks in on its own
multiplicity from a thousand angles with a bemused smirk? And proper culture
of this carrot and its siblings would allow more of their kind to exist with
less bare, unproductive earth. 

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