Food and shelter for guinea fowl

Scott Pittman pci at
Wed Mar 14 19:55:31 EST 2001

Hi Jan, I am a great fan of guinea fowl primarily because they are 
voracious insectivores.  We were plagued by grasshoppers until we brought 
in guineas and turkeys.  They are great because they can free range and 
don't dig up your garden like chooks, and they roost in trees so no need 
for a fancy house.  I find them very predator alert which is important in 
our area which is infested with domestic dogs, and blessed with coyotes.  I 
through out a little grain in the morning, when I tend to the chickens, 
just to keep them around.  They do tend to roam and if you have a small 
property may take up with the neighbors if the browsing is better over the 
fence.  I've heard that you can keep their wings clipped to curtail some of 
the wanderlust but then they would be subject to predation.  For the most 
part ours stay home and tend the bugs.  They are most subject to predation 
when they hatch a new brood because they won't abandon their young.

Hope this helps.

At 10:59 AM 3/15/01 +1100, you wrote:
>I am forwarding the following message from Jan Penklis in case anyone can
>help her with information about this strange avifauna...
>Hello ...
>Could you help me with some information please or put me on to someone who
>could help.
>We have been donated a pair of Guinea Fowl. They will be living in the
>Lifestyles unit at Mulawa as the main P'culture garden has enough animals
>Do you or anyone you know about food and shelter requirements etc.
>Thanks a lot
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