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Wed Mar 14 18:36:21 EST 2001

Permaculture International Limited (PIL), publisher of the now defunct
Permaculture International Journal (PIJ), has launched a newsletter designed
to keep members of the organisation in touch.

Not intended as a replacement for the PIJ, the first edition, posted in
February, runs to a total eight pages and announces the intention to
reinvent the organisation. The newsletter will be sent to members quarterly.

Pacific Edge has also started to develop a new PIL website. This, too, will
initially be a modest effort the content of which will increase over time.
Eventually, members electing to get their newsletter from the website will
pay a lower membership fee.

The immediate mission for PIL is to let members and supporters know that the
organisation continues to exist and has entered a period of redefinition and

Information: pacedge at  Phone: 61 2 9588 6931  Post: PIL PO Box
6039 South Lismore, 2480 Australia.

An extension of time has been granted by Intellectual Property Australia for
the lodgement of objections to the application to trademark the word
'permaculture' for use in telecommunications.

Bill Mollison, co-founder of the permaculture design system, has lodged a
notice of objection to the application to trademark. With an extension of
time now granted, and a similar extension for the applicant in which to
respond, it is likely to be after mid-year before the case progresses.

The purpose behind the application to trademark remains unknown. What is
known is that a successful application will allow the applicant exclusive
use the word 'permaculture' in computer software and hardware and in
computer-based communications in Australia.


Sydney-based business, EcoRealEstate, publishes an electronic and print
newsletter which may be useful to people concerned with 'green' business.
The Updates provides "information, resources and services on a monthly basis
and can be found on-line at"

Content of the Sustainable Living Update for February 2001 includes:

1.    Latest Site.
2.    Eco Rentals & Caretaking
3.    Global ECO Networkers
4.    Eco Properties
5.    New Books Listed
6.    Resources 
7.    ECO Home Stay
8.    Sustainable Housing Competition 9.    Eco Villages & Community Title
10.  the ECO directory 11.  Self Sell 12.  Eco Find

The newsletter is the work of Jane MacDiarmid, ECO Real Estate Australia Pty
Ltd. OzECO Pty Ltd. Mobile Phone: 0409 528 692 cj at

NSW office: PO Box 33 Oyster Bay NSW 2225 Australia Ph 61 2 9528 8614  Fax
61 2 9528 0035.

Vic office: PO Box 283 Daylesford Vic 3460 Australia Ph 61 3 5348 1546 Fax
0409 528 693 International 61 409 528 693.

Russ Grayson + Fiona Campbell
Media, training and consultancy services for sustainable development.
PO Box 446 Kogarah NSW 2217 Australia
Phone/ fax: 02 9588 6931    pacedge at

- publication and website design
- online content production
- print, online and radio journalism + photojournalism.

- organic gardening training
- permaculture education

Support services:
- facilitation
- overseas development aid services.

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