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Hello Graham,

Thought you might enjoy this article by Michael Shuman.
If you have difficulty reading the attachment, I'll e-mail in text- though
it is lengthy.


Also in response to:

>I'm in search of a smart rabbit hutch/chicken coop/greenhouse design that
>takes advantages of the synergies each of the habitants provides the
>others.  Can anyone point me in the right direction?
Have you read the works of Joel Salatin?

He has written several books on self-reliant farming methods:
You Can Farm
Pastured Poultry for Profit
Salad Bar Beef

His teenage son has taken over part of the family business raising rabbits
and chickens in the same house.

There are also articles written about their practices in ACRES, USA: A
voice for Eco-Agriculture  ( A monthly periodical, based in Austin, Texas)
   General Information: info at

>>     In todays monetary world, the individual is extremely isolated from
>> processes of life, and  his neighbors! how do we reverse this?  Maybe by
>> organizing LOCAL barter networks.
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