Looking to share skills and rest along our way

Yaya Balinci yaya at telus.net
Tue Mar 13 03:11:58 EST 2001

Hoping this posting will help determine our way.

My wife and I are planning a trip from coastal British Columbia to coastal
North Carolina this fall.
We are unsure as to our route of travel.
We are looking to work exchange our way across the continent.
We are looking to further our skills in Ecoforestry, Permaculture, Natural
Farming, Biodynamic Farming, appropriate technology and sustainability.
I have worked for many years in these fields (but recently new to Biodynamic
My wife Kamal is inexperienced but eager to begin her learning.
We are both hard workers, good cooks and easy to get along with.
I can milk goats and make cheese.
We are looking to stay 1 to 3 days on farms along our way.
In exchange for our work we would like a place to sleep and perhaps some
If there is no accomodations all we need is a place to set up our
I have some good skills to offer:
Aside from any work you may have for us, I would be interested in exchanging
my services as an Ecoforester.
I can begin for you a comprehensive survey of all plants and ecosystems
within your forest.
This process is invaluable in helping you determine how best to ensure your
forest will evolve back to old growth characteristics,
while at the same time providing you with valuable timber, medicines,
mushrooms etc.
This method has proven to encourage maximum diversity within the forest.
I will show you how to continue the documentation and leave you with the
skills to map the ecosystems that surround you.
I can operate a chainsaw, set chokers, split wood and am interested in
learning about timber framing and post and beam construction.

Michael Hollihn,
Sustainable Forest-Farm-Garden Design
Ecosystem Mapping For Sustainable Production of foods and building
yaya at telus.net
Vancouver, BC, Canada
NW Coastal Turtle Island

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