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Tue Mar 13 02:30:30 EST 2001

In Portland, Oregon, there were many useful trees planted on the streets
traditionally. Apple, pear, cherry, quince, plum, walnut, black walnut,
butternut, Japanese walnut, shagbark hickory, shellbark hickory, hazel,
European, American and Chinese Chestnut, mulberry, fig, persimmon and
American persimmon and Ginko are some of the older trees I know of. Since the
official adoption of a street tree list, origionally consisting of something
like 8 clones of non-fruiting trees, individuals have illegally added things
like Kousa dogwood and Asian pear.
Now, however, Friends of Trees, with their urban forestry progarm have
developed a working relationship with the city and supporting constituency
that is getting useful and edible trees on the list and planted.
-Rick Valley

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