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A great project you have there Graham.

> From: "graham" <gburnett at unisonfree.net
> This is forwarded from the UK Permaculture discussion list on the subject of
> street trees....
> Graham 
> HI all
> We are involved in an Urban Permaculture project in Manchester - Leaf Street
> Community Garden as well as a community gardening network...

> What would be good to counteract the pollution from such busy roads and
> emmisions from hydrocarbon powered vehicles would be the establishment of
> Community Supported Agriculture systems - ie co-opting local farmers - to
> both produce food bio-regionally but also to get them to grow bio-fuel so
> that we have a closed loop bio-regional food and energy strategy..

I think community supported agriculture (CSA) and farmer's markets are great
solutions to the urban food supply. So, of course, is growing food in the
city. Unfortunately, this practice is increasingly endangered by rising land

I am aware that CSA is popular in the USA and that there are examples in the
UK. Sydney has one CSA, one organic farmer's market and about four fresh
food markets at which some of the produce might be organic. There is another
CSA in Tasmania.

To some extent, the preoccupation of permaculture advocates in fostering
home gardening has distracted energy from the development of enterprises
such as CSAs. Yet, with the hours people work and their other commitments,
even when they have access to a home garden they often lack the time to
cultivate it. In these circumstances, CSAs, farmer's markets and similar
initiatives may be more effective at promoting urban food sustainability.

In Sydney, we have had success in promoting community food gardens and
combining local  government waste minimisation initiatives with them, such
as the reduction in the quantity of green waste produced. The gardens also
serve for practical training for TAFE and community college courses.

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