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Opportunity to garden in sub-tropic climate on Carary Islands

Passing this on - could you circulate please....

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Hi, we met last year on the channon market.
I am living in a comunity on the canary Islands, being the Crewmanager 

We are looking for people who like to live in community and work with
us for some months. Actually we are looking for a gardener who likes to 
care of our vegetable garden from April/Mai for 3-6 months.

Our climate here (directly at the Atlantic Ocean) is somehow similar to
the Byron Bay Area.

Our Community is running a Semiary- and Meditation Center, with vegetarian

We had already some people from Australia with us for some time.
May be you like to pass on this Information to whoeveryouthink.
We would also advertise it in your paper and pay for it.

Would be nice to get a esponse from you.
Regards and Love

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