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The main thing that I find difficult with the philosophy of many vegans 
(especially 'veganically-grown') is the absolute denial of animals in the 
system - how can there be an ecosystem without animals? - it's simply the 
other end of the feedlot extreme - one extreme breeds another. 

Excluding animals from the system is anti-nature and anti-life. 

I can't help but wonder if there is an underlying neurotic fear of death 
that drives unnatural philosophies - I held some these ideals once and 
found myself becoming a biggoted dietary aparteidist - I seriously 
questioned my vego dogmas within the context of natural systems, 
ecological balance and sustainability and found them seriously lacking. 
After 17 years of vegetarianism (I did keep chickens & eat their eggs) I 
am now a rounded omnivour though animal products would constitute only 5% 
of my total diet. (70% of my diet is home grown - vegies, fruit, eggs and 
the ocassional redundant male duck or chicken)

 ultimately all things live by eating something else therefore all things 
exist to be eaten - even plants will eat you in the end.....

a carrot screams when wrenched from mother earth, it's just that our ears 
can't hear it

if all life, plant or animal, taken to sustain our own was taken with 
respect we wouldn't have destructive agricultures - plant or animal - the 
issues of veganism wouldn't exist

my animals live a happy and natural life and while doing so make a 
valuable contribution to the fruit and veg producing systems on my farm, 
saving a lot of energy & nutrient imports. we also enjoy each others 


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