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HI all

We are involved in an Urban Permaculture project in Manchester - Leaf Street
Community Garden as well as a community gardening network...
We have planted numerous varieties of fruit and nut producing trees on a
street which was once tarmacced (spelling?)...One end of the street is next
to the Mancunian Way flyover and Princess Parkway round about...ie next to a
busy motorway intersection..
Having considered the ramifications of harvesting fruit from these trees we
have been consulting the community and thinking hard about this) we came to
the conclusion that the fruit produced would be no more toxic than tthe
fruit produced by convential(!) pesticide agriculture... ie that produced in
urban environments may not be organic yet it is still healthy-- ie it
encourages production of fod in urban environments (where the majority of
people live)
What would be good to counteract the pollution from such busy roads and
emmisions from hydrocarbon powered vehicles would be the establishment of
Community Supported Agriculture systems - ie co-opting local farmers - to
both produce food bio-regionally but also to get them to grow bio-fuel so
that we have a closed loop bio-regional food and energy strategy..
As shown by the recent Foot and Mouth outbreak the current specialised,
monocultural, market led, transferable agriculture policy of the Common
Agriculture Program has been brought into question -even by such capitalist
money grabbing (20 rented home and two jag ) environmental ministers Michael
Meacher and John Prescott....
Basically farming in th UK as well as elsewhere is in a mess...
There is a meeting (which was temporarily called off -due to foot and mouth
disease) between farmers and the direct action community to formulate plans
and ways of working together to formulate an alternative (sustainable)
agriculture process...
We are meeting in the next week or so and are open to ideas proposals being
fed in in the run-up to that meeting

Please e-mail me - will at redbricks.org.uk

Urban agriculture rocks..
Community Supported Agriculture is the way forward...
Guerilla gardening and seedballs let nature design...
Visit either www.redbricks.org.uk/leafst
or www.primalseeds.org

Cheers all

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