Permaculture & The Vegan way

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Thu Mar 8 15:41:43 EST 2001

There's another factor: climate.  It's a lot easier to live without eating
animals if you live in a tropical or semi-tropical environment. 
Permaculture borrows a lot from traditional cultures, which, in the higher
latitudes, use animals extensively.  Imagine an arctic culture without the
whales and the seals.  Native cultures around these parts use(d) the deer
for many aspects of life.  One significant point is the reverence and
respect one should have for the deer, squirrel, piece of fruit, nut, or
handful of water.  When we can have as much reverence for a blade of grass
as we have for our pet goat, then our world will truly be at peace.
Gene Monaco
Knoxville, TN

Message text written by "Toby"
Thus I feel the sustainability argument tilts somewhat in favor of
but that in the face of much larger constraints--since few of us are
all our own food, and we are dependent on industrial systems--whether or
we eat animals really boils down to personal belief. Hence we can discuss
it, cheerfully or angrily, forever.

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