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Marsha Hanzi hanzibra at svn.com.br
Wed Mar 7 07:54:07 EST 2001

Thank you, Russ, for taking time to go in depth about this-- a very good
summary of the situation!
In Manaus, Brazil, the streets are shaded with mango trees which feed a ot
of people at harvest time.

But I have also seen a VW "bug" smashed in due to a jackfruit falling on its

> 3) Before planting the trees, think about fruitfall and whether this will
> stain car paintwork or cause other negative impacts which would lead to
> pressure on council to remove the trees.

Two objections to urban fruits I have heard here are :
1)  The mess the falling fruits might make.  In fact this has never been the
case, as they are always harvested LONG before they fall ( often when still
2)  Damage which might be caused by kids throwing stones at the fruit.  I
especially like the Village Homes solution of leaving a long bamboo pole
leaning against  the tree to facilitate fruit harvest..

Instituto de Permacultura da Bahia

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