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Dear All
This is a belated thank you for all the info we received on microwaves last year. Although microwaves were heralded as brilliant ways of saving energy, and we used one for much of our home-cooked, home grown food for that reason, we're changing our habits because of the question mark about the quality and safety of microwaved food.

We now get a 'high' out of  using the 'free' heat of our super efficient wood burning stove to cook more of our meals and only go for short zaps in the microwave, if at all! Interestingly, ltho' we'd chosen a stove design to cook on in early 1998, we hadn't really got round to it until now...laziness and, I guess, lack of familiarity with what was possible had got in the way. Now we have baked potatoes and several other things that would normally be oven baked, as well as heat up things like soup on the stove.

Thanks again and - if any of you not from the UK and are visiting pls do look us up - note our details below as we're about to take a 'rest' from the list for a while - Spring beckons and the season's too short here in wet west Wales to sit in front of a computer for long!
Cheers, Angie Polkey
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