Permaculture Institute of Northern California 2001 Course Schedule

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Permaculture Institute of Northern California 2001 Courses
PO Box 341 Pt. Reyes Station, CA 94956
(415) 663-9090

Introduction to Permaculture  April 28-29  Instructors: Penny
Livingston-Stark, James Stark & Friends
Fundamentals of sustainable design   Fee: $250.00

Building a Rural Off-the-Grid
Ecological Base Camp               June 22-28
Tom Watson, Penny Livingston-Stark, James Stark
An advanced permaculture workshop where you will learn to
Install a water tank and solar pump, Selectively harvest Douglas Fir trees
a way that enhances the forest and build  simple structures, Build a camp
Install solar showers, Create a Biological treatment system for sewage &
grey water.
It is recommended that participants have taken an Introduction to
Permaculture Coursew or the Permaculture Design Course. Fee: $350.00

Braintanning Deer Buckskin       Oct 5-10
Levon Durr & Mary Falkenstein
During this workshop you will discover the many wonderful gifts and uses of
the deer. Each participant will have the opportunity to transform a deer
hide into soft leather using traditional wet or dry scrape methods.  You
will also larn how to Clean and skin a deer, select bones for tools and
jewelry, pit roast venison, and how to use antlers.   Fee: $450.00

Plaster and Cob Workshop                 Oct. 27-28
Penny Livingston-Stark
Come Explore the Magic of Mud.  Learn how to buiild garden walls and benches
with cob. During this workshop you will also learn to make your own interior
paints and plasters using all non-toxic ingredients. These finishes surpass
most commercially available paints and plasters in quality and asthetics.
Fee:  $250.00

Pattern and Design      Nov. 11-12
Richard Feather Anderson & Penny Livingston-Stark
Our world surrounds us with patterns indicating the many processes that
created them. By applying natural patterning to design, we create
environments that are harmonious within the natural systems surrounding us.
In this course discover the many functions of patterns and learn how to
enhance or eliminate, diffuse or concentrate various energies through
pattern application.                Fee: $300

How to Start a Successful Permaculture Design Business      Nov. 17-18
Instructors - To be Announced
This course is primarily for graduates of the Permaculture Design Course who
want to develop a business as a permaculture designer. You will receive
advise and guidelines from experienced permaculture designers as well as
architects, business consultants, accountants and other professionals. We
will explore how to present a professional design proposal and contract,
develop a business plan and learn professional protocol working with clients
as well as working in interdisciplinary teams.  Fee: $300

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