Wood shavings in compost

rick valley bamboogrove at cmug.com
Fri Mar 2 12:54:49 EST 2001

>Wood shavings in compost
keeping the language basic, my view is that it is *crucial* to have woody
material in compost if you want the best compost. Ya need wood, clay (mineral
dirt) and nitrogen, which can be from green leafy stuff or "vit. P"(animal
Maybe it's the mineral/lignin combo that leads to good humus? The nitrogen is
what gets it moving, it seems. For sure, diversity of ingredients adds magic.
But w/o woody stuff, ya don't get fluff- that wonderful light texture.
Animal bedding wood shavings are great; I use all I can afford to bring in.
Most of my compost wood, however, comes courtesy of muscle and cold Sheffield
steel, in the form of slashed blackberries, broom and alders. (note that the
last two are nitrogen fixing woody plants)
cookin' away!

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