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Subject: [permaculture] Permaculture and Organic Gardening Workshop Series
    at UBC South Farm

UBC South Farm Sustainable Gardening Educational Series

Permaculture Gardening Hands On Workshop Series:
An Introduction to Permaculture Techniques


Organic Gardening Hands On Workshop Series:
An Introduction to Organic Gardening Techniques

Permaculture: made from the words Permanent Agriculture and Permanent
Culture. It is the conscious design and maintenance of ecologically
permanent food, energy, housing and non-material systems that meet the needs
of people. Bill Mollison of Australia introduced these ideas in 1974.

Harold Waldock, B.Sc., Permaculture Design Cert. 1994 Partner in Edible
Landscape Creations. Vancouver Permaculture Network

Organic Vegetable Gardening: is the way to grow your favourite vegetables
and salad greens. Certified organic food and seeds are guaranteed to be free
of pesticides, herbicides, toxins & genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

Arzeena Hamir, M.Sc. P Ag. President of Terra Viva Organics an organic
services and supply company.

Location: Location: UBC South Campus Farm Field House, 6182 South Campus
Road, follow Wesbrook Mall south past the lights on 16th Avenue. Follow the
signs to the Farm.

Of special interest to: beginning organic gardeners, agriculture students,
underemployed, home-owners, farmers, environmentalists, landscapers,
landscape architects and planners. Some wonderful practical, economic and
ecological opportunities are revealed that would benefit most lifestyles.

Pre registration required – you need to know what to bring and class size is

3 hrs/half day workshop 	$25*
Full day workshop		$50*
2 day workshop		$100*
*Prices may be adjusted to accommodate those with limited incomes.

April 28, Saturday: Growing Mushrooms in your garden. 9am-4pm: Instructor:
Harold Waldock. Learn to inoculate and grow Shiitake and Oyster Mushrooms on
logs, and inoculate and grow Garden Giant mushrooms on wood chips - a
multi-purpose garden mulch.  Students will bring an inoculated log home.
Maximum class size 12.

May 12, Saturday: Introduction to Organic Vegetable Gardening.  9am-12pm
Instructor: Arzeena Hamir. A great course for people new to the concept of
organic gardening.  Learn to select and sprout seeds, and transplant
seedlings in the garden. Information on general organic garden care,
including watering and fertilizing, will also be covered.

May 26, Saturday: Introduction to Permaculture and Sheet Mulching. 9am-4pm
Instructor: Harold Waldock. Learn about permaculture concepts and including
sheet mulching, a quick and easy method to suppress weeds, expand and build
soil in your garden.

June 9, Saturday: Create your own Kitchen Herb Spiral. 9am-12pm Instructor:
Harold Waldock. The permaculture kitchen herb spiral for your back yard or
deck.  A good example of applied permaculture thinking. Learn how to grow
most of your culinary herbs in a spiral bed smaller than a kitchen table.
Participants will build and plant one while learning the most appropriate
herbs for this design.

June 23, Saturday: Permaculture: No Waste Gardening - Feed your soil!
9am-5pm Instructor: Harold Waldock. A brief introduction to the practice of
permaculture. This fast paced show and tell workshop will help participants
understand the concepts underlying permaculture. Topics include sheet
mulching, mulching, hugelculture, death bucket, ground covers, growing your
own fertilizer, and the many uses of woody debris. The course will show
participants that yard waste is a valuable resource that can be recycled in
the home garden.

July 14, Saturday: Organic and Permaculture Pest Control Methods and
Strategies. 9am-12pm Instructors: Arzeena Hamir and Harold Waldock. Learn
about and how to handle common pest problems in the home garden in ways that
protect the environment. The course instructors will provide many D.I.Y.
quick fix methods and suggest a number of long-term preventative strategies.

July 28-29, Saturday & Sunday: Introduction to Permaculture Design Weekend.
Sat 9am-5pm, Sun 9am-4pm. Instructors: Harold Waldock and friends. The
course will provide participants with a broader understanding of the
concepts and practice of permaculture.  Topics to be covered include a
discussion of permaculture ethics, principles and design methods, classic
permaculture designs and project management. The course will include the
creation and presentation of a permaculture design concept for an area of
the UBC Farm.

August 11, Saturday: Caring for your Organic Vegetable Garden Soil. 9am-12pm
Instructor: Arzeena Hamir. Learn about soils, what type you have, and how to
increase its productivity without chemical fertilizers. The course will also
feature a discussion of potential cover crops and green manures that can be
planted to improve your garden soils over the fall and winter months.

Learn More about Permaculture:
Ecological Living by Design Video Presentation Series: An Introduction to
Permaculture Presented every other Tuesday night at the UBC South Campus
Starts probably March 13, 2001.  Register your interest we will confirm

For More Information:
Contact Harold Waldock, haroldw at alternatives.com  pgr/vmbox 645 9529
Vancouver Permaculture Network, http://www.alternatives.com/vpn/
Derek Masselink,   822-6839
UBC Farm Designer/Planner ubcfarm at interchange.ubc.ca

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