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    Series: An Introduction to Permaculture Design

(Early Notice: Please register your interest (encourage us!) leaving contact
info in case there are changes Harold Waldock pgr 645 9529
haroldw at alternatives.com )
UBC South Farm Sustainable Gardening Educational Series

Ecological Living by Design Video Presentation Series: An Introduction to

Location:  UBC South Campus Farm Field House, 6182 South Campus Road, follow
Wesbrook Mall south past the lights on 16th Avenue. Turn right on 1st road,
then 3rd entrance on the left. Follow the signs to the Farm Office. $5
suggested minimum donation sliding scale.  Refreshments included.

Time: 7-9 Tuesday Nights

Presented by: Harold Waldock of Vancouver Permaculture Network: a small
working group founded in 1993.

Permaculture made from the words Permanent Agriculture and Permanent
Culture. It is the conscious design and maintenance of ecologically
permanent food, energy, housing and non-material systems that meet the needs
of people.

Ecological Gardening and Living by Design Series:  These accessible and
popular educational videos are for people of all education levels. Learn
about thinking reasonably and being practical when we live in and care for
the ecologies that support us all.  Especially of interest to organic
gardeners, agriculture students, underemployed, home owners, farmers,
environmentalists, landscape architects and planners. Some wonderful
practical, economic and ecological opportunities are uncovered that would
benefit most lifestyles.  Most evenings will include a short introduction
and talk (10 min), video (Approx 50 min) and followed by some discussion.

March 13, Tuesday: The Global Gardener Parts 1 & 2 (1991): 1 hour total:  An
introduction to Permaculture ideas by Bill Mollison the founder of
Permaculture, who takes you to his own back yard in Australia then to
Zimbabwe and India. The second part shows how simple techniques can improve
plant growth in dry areas - we have dry summers!

March 27, Tuesday: The Global Gardener Parts 3 & 4 (1991): 1 hour total: The
introduction to Permaculture by Bill Mollison continues with examples of
cool climates England with Robert Hart who developed Forest Gardening and
Germany and then, in the second part, permaculture in urban areas including
what can be done on an apartment balcony.

April 10, Tuesday: In Grave Danger of Falling Food (1989):  40 min.  An
engaging fun filled introduction to serious global food security issues and
the permaculture solutions. Bill Mollison tells his own story and
demonstrates easy to do techniques. Campy fun at times but does not miss the
essential difficult issues.

April 24, Tuesday: Forest Gardening with Robert Hart (1995): 50 min. Robert
Hart started a ever growing wave of excitement in agroforestry, or multi
layered forest like edible landscapes for home yards called Forest
Gardening. Learn how he did it in his own words and about 2 other examples
of permaculture on the ground in England.

May 8, Tuesday: Eat Your Garden! (1997) 1 hr. This video gives a fun
introduction to permaculture by two cheeky Australian women.  Loads of
practical guidance on sheet mulch gardens, backyard ponds, herb spirals &
more. While the examples are suitable for Mediterranean and subtropics the
thinking and methods are revealed in edgy irreverent humour. Yes, these are
guerrillas for “lawn reform” in suburbia!

May 22, Tuesday: Permaculture in Practice (1997): 50 min. This shows 4
projects: a home site, 2 community projects and a most impressive working 60
acre permaculture farm in England.  This is a simple video that lets the
project leaders describe their own work in their own words.

June 5, Tuesday: Crystal Waters Permaculture Village: a large scale
permaculture development for 80 homes 2 businesses and 1 large farm (259ha)
included in the ecovillage. 16 minutes.  A gentle introduction to the
Ecovillage idea using the Crystal Waters, Australia example. Produced by the
Global Eco-Village Network, a  Max Lindegger project. Also on a separate 8
min clip from Global Gardener: Village Homes of Davis, California.

June 19, Tuesday: Trees by Bill Mollison:  1 hour a video tape of Bill
Mollison in a class quickly covering key information about trees, forests
and the many processes that occur there. Scientific and good information for
designers, environmentalists or farmers.

Find out more about what is happening at UBC South Campus Farm:

Permaculture Gardening Hands On Workshop Series:
An Introduction to Permaculture Techniques:  April 28 through August

Organic Gardening Hands On Workshop Series:
An Introduction to Organic Gardening Techniques:  May 12 through August

For more information call Vancouver Permaculture Network - Harold Waldock,
pgr/vmbox 645 9529, haroldw at alternatives.com or look on the web

Or Call Derek  Masselink, UBC South Campus Farm Caretaker  822-3560
ubcfarm at interchange.ubc.ca  822-6839

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