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I'm  curious to know about plants like this too.  Let me know if you find
There were 5 Andean (Temperate - Cold Zone) foods and this is one of them:
Yacon, potatoe, a Nastertium (I have this one), a tuber that can grow above
the tree line, and one I completely forget - its all in the old Oregon
Exotics catalogue.

Oregon Exotics used to have it I don't know if they are in business any
more. Raintree Nursery (Oregon-Washington can't quite remember) would know
if they are still active or for contact info.  They might even have what you
are looking for.

There are at least 2 seed exchanges that are big enough that would have
stuff like this.  I don't remember having any contact info except a friend
of mine told me about those amazing networks.

Try the people at www.perennialvegetable.com  they would be interested too.

Good Luck,

Harold Waldock
Greenvillage Permaculture Institute

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> Does anyone know where I can buy the Yacon tubers so we can grow them at
> home?  Seeds of Change is already sold out and I can't find them
> anywhere else in the U.S.
> Karen Krettler
> Oregon City, OR
> krettlerfamily at bctonline.com
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