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>Just wanted to be clear on terms:
>I was talking about a full "72 hr." PDC, run over a series of weekends, not a
>weekend intro or workshop. I have yet to dig the eval out of archives for
>those who replied, but will do.

I have conducted such courses in the past - especially when I was based 
in Sydney & found city people resisted the idea of an intensive 2-week 
course. After trying a few different formats I found what worked best was 
running the course on alternating weekends (working people couldn't 
handle the grind of continuous 7-day weeks with no breaks) I often 
scheduled the course to have the 2nd last weekend as a 4-day programme 
coinciding with a long weekend or Easter break & camp on a PC property 
somewhere and work on design project. This also reduced the number of 
weekends to 5 to cover full 72 hour curriculum.
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