permaculture trademark alert

Mikal Jakubal mjakubal at
Thu Jun 7 03:39:06 EDT 2001

Interesting discussion on this topic, though unfortunate that it's
necessary. It reminds me of the late 1980s when editor Dave Foreman tried
to claim ownership of the Earth First! Journal, and used it as a vehicle to
try and purge the movement of anyone who dared challenge his views. Problem
is, unlike Mollison, "Earth First!" was never Uncle Dave's, and the
movement was long, long since out of his control. Nevertheless, it took a
couple bloody years before the Journal finally got into the hands of a
rotating collective that more or less represents the milieu at large, and
Foreman went off to do his own thing.

The real tragedy in both cases, of course, is that people like Dave and
Bill waste their talents on such nonsense. It's always surprising when
ground breakers suddenly double back like that. There's got to be some
really deep craziness going on somewhere inside them. After all, innovators
are the ones who least need to hold on to the past. 


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