Notes from the slug pub........

Andrew Burgess aab at
Sat Jun 30 15:25:20 EDT 2001

>3) Even at 40p a can, it's still quites an expensive way of providing a slug
>deterent, esp. when weighed against the economics of buying a cabbage, even
>an organic one, from the shops, esp. as I found it took nearly 2 cans to
>fill each trap- do you think I would get away with watering the beer down
>when I put in the traps, would it still be as effective???
>Anyone else got thoughts or experiences on the effectiveness of slug pubs?

What kills the slugs in a beer trap? If its the alcohol then cheap vodka
might recharge it. I'm pretty sure its the yeasty smell that attracts.
So maybe any sort of decaying plant matter in water with a little vodka?

Ever try copper foil as a barrier?

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