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Graham Burnett gb0063551 at
Sat Jun 30 04:45:49 EDT 2001

So far this year (touch wood) my cabbages have not been seriously touched by
our pals the slugs, probably I guess due to the hot dry weather we've been
experiencing since the spring- however following some rain last weekend I
noticed that some damage has started, and the other evening I went down to
my allotment and caught about 7 slugs targetting one particular cabbage,
which I removed (the slugs, not the cabbage). Yesterday I went down to the
plot and surrounded the cabbages with sand barriers and also set up a couple
of slug pubs using a couple of old soya milk cartons with holes cut in the

I filled them with quality 2% 'Acme' (or somesuch) bitter bought for 40p a
can from the shop on the corner (whilst poor me had to make do with a bottle
of Organic Ale when I went for a sit in the deckchair!), within about 20
minutes of setting them up 5 slugs had meandered over, 3 of which dutifully
slithered straight inside (the others were hesitating so were given a small
hand with a twig!), so everything seemed successful-

However, a couple of thoughts/observations;

1) I noticed one slug went into the trap, then come straight out again! (he
went back in with a little help from me- anyone who knows me will tell you
I'm lethal for getting in 'one more round'!!!)

2) It occured to me that these traps seem to be so successful at attracting
slugs, is it not possible that they might in fact attract slugs to growing
areas that might otherwise never visit???

3) Even at 40p a can, it's still quites an expensive way of providing a slug
deterent, esp. when weighed against the economics of buying a cabbage, even
an organic one, from the shops, esp. as I found it took nearly 2 cans to
fill each trap- do you think I would get away with watering the beer down
when I put in the traps, would it still be as effective???

Anyone else got thoughts or experiences on the effectiveness of slug pubs?

Cheers for now,

Graham Burnett
35 Rayleigh Avenue
Westcliff On Sea
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