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I'd love to see that book of yours !


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> Subject: Skye update--PC in SPanish...
> At the Latinamerican PC Congress in Argentina in March of last year Skye met
> our colleague Ivone, fell in love with her, and they are now married-- so
> Skye now lives in Brazil--our good fortune!
> Alejandra Caballero published an excellent book in Mexico, composed of a lot
> of alternative techniques...
> Mollison´s book was also translated into Portuguese but has sold out.
> Apparently the Spanish translation was not very well done.
> We have two books in Portuguese, : Carolyn Nuttalls "A Children´s Food
> Forest" (Agrofloresta para Criança), and a small course book that I
> published: "Permaculture , the abundant homestead" (Permacultura: O Sìtio
> Abundante").
> If you look on the Internet, I think you will find quite a lot of material.
> Look under "Permacultura"...
> Good luck!
> Marsha
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>> (I'll cross-post this to alt.permaculture)
>> Antonio wrote:
>>> Does anyone know of any good permaculture book which has been
>>> translated into Spanish or Italian?
>> Mollison's "Introduction to Permaculture" was translated into Spanish a
> few
>> years ago--"Introduccion a Permacultura" (although I don't remember who
> did
>> the translation) thus many of the basic terms have already been worked
> out.
>> It would be best to remain consistent with the terms used in that book, as
>> I'm pretty sure Mollison okayed the translation. For resources: A fellow
>> named Skye is a permaculture teacher and book author whom I believe is
>> currently working in Mexico; I can dig up his address. Marsha Hanzi is a
>> permaculture teacher in Brazil who's on this list , if Portuguese will
> help
>> you--she's done a lot of translating.  I can also give you some names of
>> people involved in permaculture who speak Spanish fluently and have done
>> permaculture in Latin America if you contact me off-list.
>> Toby Hemenway
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