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> On 27 Jun 2001 05:45:48 -0700, in alt.permaculture
> kiaikidobcn at yahoo.com (antonio) wrote:
> Hi all,
> I am into the task of translating some permaculture and related topics
> from english into spanish and I am looking for on-line (or not)

> resources
> to help me translate specific terms which are often used in
> permaculture
> design. Does anyone know of any good permaculture book which has been
> translated
> into Spanish or Italian?
> In the meantime can anyone help me out with a couple of terms?
> Basically I have found that terms such as "swale" don't even exist
> both in english (on line or not) dictionaries and in english-spanish
> dictionaries.
> Then, what's a Midym Green? and what about a Lily Pily? I found these
> two terms
> in an article's picture about Crystal Waters, representing parts of
> what I suppose is a permaculture design.

I don't know if its of any help but quite a few of the leaflets 
produced by Plants For A Future have been translated into Spanish.
You can find these online at
no guarantees as to precise translations of technical terms or common
names of plants.

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