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Thu Jun 28 13:18:26 EDT 2001

Hello everyone!
Organic Volunteers has created a new network of free online searchable
forums about specific environmental issues. The forums can be used to
discuss information the same way as on a listserv except the information is 
saved and searchable. This will create a deep wealth of free knowledge that 
is accessible by anyone with internet access. Plus, you don't get
overwhelmed with emails!

You can have any specific discussion emailed to you as well.

The forums will be hosted on the websites of the foremost experts in the 
field of each subject so there will always be someone to answer those 
difficult questions.
The subjects include:

General Sustainability
Renewable Energy
Politics and Activism
General Organics
More subjects will be added as interest grows and people suggest them.

This is a FREE service that has just been started so please try it out. If 
you want to put the forums on your website email the webmaster from and ask for the free code.

***Cut and copy this message to anyone interested***

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