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Toby Hemenway hemenway at jeffnet.org
Wed Jun 27 21:52:26 EDT 2001

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Antonio wrote:
>Does anyone know of any good permaculture book which has been
>translated into Spanish or Italian?

Mollison's "Introduction to Permaculture" was translated into Spanish a few
years ago--"Introduccion a Permacultura" (although I don't remember who did
the translation) thus many of the basic terms have already been worked out.
It would be best to remain consistent with the terms used in that book, as
I'm pretty sure Mollison okayed the translation. For resources: A fellow
named Skye is a permaculture teacher and book author whom I believe is
currently working in Mexico; I can dig up his address. Marsha Hanzi is a
permaculture teacher in Brazil who's on this list , if Portuguese will help
you--she's done a lot of translating.  I can also give you some names of
people involved in permaculture who speak Spanish fluently and have done
permaculture in Latin America if you contact me off-list.

Toby Hemenway
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