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>> > In the meantime can anyone help me out with a couple of terms?
>> > Basically I have found that terms such as "swale" don't even exist
>> > both in english (on line or not) dictionaries and in english-spanish
>> > dictionaries.
Swale is apparently a very old english word meaning a depression, wet 
>> > Then, what's a Midym Green? and what about a Lily Pily? I found these
>> > two terms
>> > in an article's picture about Crystal Waters, representing parts of
>> > what I suppose is a permaculture design.
Midym berries are a native fruit, probably used here in the context of a 
place name
Lily Pily is also an Australian native fruit tree

Have you contacted Feliciano in Spain - I think he translated 
Permaculture One into Spanish
FPX, permaculturespain at worldonline.es

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