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Thanks to all for the deer ideas. It's more of a universal problem than
I realized.

Here are a few deer facts I came across in a review of deer repellents
in "Whole Earth" (Spring 2001) - :  "Repelling Bambi"   (Contact them
at  editor at  web site:  )

"There are now more deer than people in Georgia."

Weekly spraying works best.

Rockland Hinder is the 'best buy' spray recommended by Consumer Reports.

If you're willing to spray every third day, try a home-made concoction
of garlic, red pepper and old eggs.

Remember new shoots, which are the tastiest, are not protected by last
week's spraying.

Stockings filled with folk repellents like human hair or composted
municipal sludge work a little sometimes.

Home-made stockings with soap bars, commercial sachets, repellent sticks
etc. work for a few weeks but are only repulsive at distances of a few
feet so you need a lot of them. Make sure the soap is tallow-based
(apparently it's the fatty acids, not the scent that repel).

Lion pee works well - but who has lions handy and especially ones that
will give up their pee. Apparently coyote pee is effective too.

The author says they welcome reports from readers on what works or not
so, if you wish,  send them yours to the address above or to me and I'll
forward them - or give me the OK and I'll copy your comments to the

I'll let you know what works at our end.

-  Jeffrey

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