Zeno Swijtink swijtink at
Fri Jun 15 10:23:06 EDT 2001

Does anyone have experience with this approach that has at least 
anecdotal success in NW California:

A fence of irregular, uneven height (4 ft) made of narrow small 
planks of random length placed vertically side-by-side?

It seems to be visually confusing to deer.

Cheers, Zeno

At 10:11 AM +0200 6/15/01, Xavier Dequaire wrote:
>My solution is, here in Norway:
>we have doe deer, which can come through an opening 18 cm wide, 60 
>cm high, and pass a 2 m high obstacle.
>I tried too the smell solutions, it does not work long term, and 
>those strange smells in the garden are not so pleasant.
>I observed that the deers that walk down the road walked up in the 
>garden if the low gate was open, but walked to the neighbour when it 
>was closed. The animal that could jump over prefered probably the 
>most open visual route.


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