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Hello Jeffrey Newman:

I have found that a number of potential clients ask me the same question but
when it comes to talk about a serious fence, there is simply no way they
want a fence. The aesthetics of the fenceless view is big these days.  I
smile and shake my head and the idea of a productive useful garden or fruit
trees fade away out of the conversation.

Living with out a fence brings new challenges and strange ideas:

A techno quick fix and an untested speculation (really quite low on the PC
order of things)

I've been thinking how to protect a tiny pond of fish from herons but
maintain its ornamental aspects.  The solution may be a battery powered
motion detector that controls the valve of a sprinkler.  The offending warm
blooded animal or forgetful or unwarned human would get a shot of water for
30 seconds when detected.

Has any one tried this type of equipment?

Although I've seen it advertised in a gardening mag or two the last place I
saw it, 1 week ago, was Vancouver (B.C. Canada) Irrigation Supply  604 251
2258 on Venables street price $CAN 100. It is made in Canada and the address
& phone of the manufacturer was on the box just incase you can't get them to
send it to you by courier.

Let us know what you try and let us know what works,

Harold Waldock
Edible Landscape Creations
B.C. Canada

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> Any ideas out there about how to keep deer out of a vegetable garden or
> at least to find a way to keep them from getting more than their fare
> share. Is a ten-foot fence the only way? We're talking about mule deer
> in this case.
> -- Jeffrey
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