rick valley bamboogrove at
Thu Jun 14 14:15:31 EDT 2001

I second (or probably first, since I know I've told him about it) on the 
double fence technique. I first heard it from this wierd Aussie from 
Tasmania who always wore thongs and smoked incessantly. He called it a 
"chicken moat" and said you could run chooks inside it and they'd do a 
pretty good job of keeping gophers and such out as well- maybe if you 
added a little terrier with 'em.
I've heard lots of deer talk in Nafex circles too- orchards are easier. 
One said that deer were mainly a problem when new leaves were coming on, 
and then he'd put out a single-strand electric fence. The secret was to 
put peanut butter on the wire.............
Deer can indeed lead you to inventive sadism.

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