Toby Hemenway hemenway at
Wed Jun 13 10:23:15 EDT 2001

 Jeffrey Newman  wrote:

> Any ideas out there about how to keep deer out of a vegetable garden

Thanks to some advice from folks on this list a few months ago, I enclosed a
garden here in Oregon with 2 concentric 4-foot high fences about 5 feet
apart, much easier than the usual 8-footer that Fish & Wildlife recommends.
We have very aggressive mule deer here; they tear down flimsy fences and
leap over 6-footers. They can leap high but not wide, so the 2 low fences
have deterred them. Added bonus: you can grow a hedgerow in the alley
between the fences. The fencing need not be tightly tensioned, just loosely
strung but fastened well to the posts so it stays upright. That makes
construction a snap.

I've tried all the scent, hair, soap, urine, fish-line, etc, tricks. Our
deer get used to them, and I have heard them chuckling as they head for the


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