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Actually, anyone with a permaculture certificate is supposed to
subscribe to a
set body of ethics.  Here there are from a 1981 Permaculture Design
taught by Bill Mollison.  They are reprinted in Designing for
Pamphlet VIII of the Permaculture Design Course Series.  Since these
have been placed in public domain by me (with Mollison's consent),
they may be
freely reproduced without copyright violation.  

 1. As a group of designers, we cooperate; we do not compete.
2. We do not duplicate each other's work. As far as possible, we
create and use
individual designs.
3. We care for our clients and are responsible to them.
4. The end to which we are working is the reforestation of the Earth
and the
restoration of its soils to health.
5. We care for the environment and wildlife. In all our design work,
we side
with that "super client," Gaia, which is an old Greek word for the
Mother Earth
Goddess. Earth was con-ceived of then as a living, thinking organism,
biological entity.
6. We seek the best, the most appropriate energy paths, utiliz-ing
7. We recycle at the highest level possible. Everything can be a
resource. You
must know how to use it. Use what you have. Try to make the least
produce the most effect.
8. A final ethic, which we practice in our community in Tasmania, is
that we
divest ourselves of everything surplus to our needs. But we don't ask
you to do

Dan Hemenway
Barking Frogs Permaculture Center  
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2001.  Check
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