A permaculture challenge for a tomato virus

Roger W. Greene Jr. envirochef at acadia.net
Mon Jun 4 21:01:03 EDT 2001

How about compost tea? It seems to work for nearly everything else...
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Subject: A permaculture challenge for a tomato virus

> In a fierce battle on the tomato growers list between the group who
> likes to grow organically and the group who thinks the more Roundup
> and other poisons the better, I tossed in a rational, reasoned response
> on the advantages of permaculture and balanced gardening so that
> food and everything else can be grown without poison.
> One of the biggest poisoners said he was willing to try it if there was
> some way he could grow tomatoes in Florida despite the
> TYLCV virus (Tomato Yellow Leaf Curl Virus).  This virus can
> easily kill all of a person's tomato plants.  It's a serious problem
> in Florida and in Israel.
> Does anyone have any suggestions for dealing with this or know
> of Florida/Israeli permaculturists who have come up with a
> system/design that allows them to grow tomatoes?
> Sharon
> gordonse at one.net
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