[PermacultureUK] garlic- to trim or not to trim...

Graham Burnett gb0063551 at cableinet.co.uk
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Hi all thanks for the responses- I also recieved this response on another
mailing list (organicl) which I thought might be of interest here...

Another point- in places on my allotments and in my garden I've either
forgotten about or deliberately planted (esp under fruit bushes) cloves of
garlic which have now basically naturalised and become perennial, slowly
spreading each year. I don't get big bulbs but do have a supply of smaller
bulbs & foliage which tides me over between last years stock running out (or
going soft/sprouting) and this years maincrop ripening.

Cheers, graham

>I learned from a long-time garlic grower that leaving the flower heads
the bulb harden off and your garlic will store much better.  I tried it with
a couple of rows - removed the heads from part and left part.  I don't
remove the heads any more.  Removal doesn't improve the yield enough to
matter, and the increase in keeping quality by leaving them is more than
worth it.

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> Graham,
> For what it is worth : on top of you garlic's stem(s) small bulblets
> be formed eventually, in some quantity. When you sow these they will form
> one big clove the first year before splitting up in the more usual garlic
> bulbs the year after. They are a great way to propagate garlic if you have
> the space and the time.
> If you have not... they also taste like garlic and can be used in all
> of dishes where you would use the more regular cloves.
> I would hate the idea of breaking of these flowering stems about as much
> I would hate the idea of castrating farm animals.
> John
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> > Sorry if this has already been covered....
> >
> > I have garlic growing nicely on the allotment- it has just developed
> > looks like a flowering stem which has a red ring around it- should I
> > this off? I've never bothered in the past and always seem to get
> reasonable
> > crops, but would removing this stem actually increase yields? I also met
> > guy on a permaculture course a few years ago who swore blind that you
> should
> > always trim back the leaves of garlic, again to increase yield- again,
> I've
> > never bothered- any comments anyone?
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