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graham gburnett at
Tue Jan 30 13:01:34 EST 2001

Hi all,

In my current full time job I'm working as a day centre officer at a day
centre for adults with learning disabilities... Alot of my work is garden
based, but I also run 2 weekly music sessions- as I'd like to link the two
themes, I'm wondering if there are any song books out there which could be
useful, eg, gardening songs, earth songs, songs of the seasons, harvest
songs, etc- my guitar playing skills are pretty basic, but I can usually
thrash out a tune provided chords are provided and it's not too complex-
also I'm working towards doing some drumming sessions (though my own sense
of rythm is pretty crap!)... accompanying tapes would also be helpful as I
can't read music... material that would be used in schools (all ages) would
probably be suitable, although not usually totally age appropriate, material
can often be adapted- any suggestions would be gratefully recieved (names of
books, tape, ideas for sessions, etc)!


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