Gag problem

Randy donahuer at
Fri Jan 26 17:02:35 EST 2001

           Hello all,

                    I have a problem with some dent corn of mixed parentage
I grew last summer(bloody butcher, seneca starburst, hopi magenta, reids's
yellow, blue clarage, a real bastard corn, etc). I allowed this corn to
remain in the husk for a week or two after it had apparently dried. Then I
husked it and allowed to cure out for a month in a bin in my home. After
that point I went over each husk, removing any suspect kernels and then
shelling the rest. After filling up several cloth lined rubbermaid
containers I let it sit for around two months in a closet.
                     Finally today I procured a grinder. I tossed in about
two handfuls after removing any debris. I had to let the corn stay in there
for awhile, as the blender allowed the material in the middle to remain
course. I turned of the power after the thunk of solid kernels against the
inside of the blender subsided. The result was a very fine mixture. I took
it downstairs, added some milk, water, and salt and honey as I do to my
usual grits. I heated it for about two minutes in the microwave and  then
put a spoonful in my mouth. . . and had to suppress a powerful gag reflex. I
don't know if it was some chemical in the corn or the fineness of the grind,
but it made me ill. 
                      I tried to give it to a member of my family. She
promptly spat it into her hand, saying," Don't eat that, you'll make
yourself sick!" I went upstairs and forced myself to eat three or four more
bites, thinking," Maybe if I eat a little more each day, I can get used to
it, and have eaten it all by the next harvest."
                      Is there any explanation for our physical aversion to
this corn? Should I use a corona mill instead of a blender to achieve a more
palatable texture? Could it be some kind of chemical in the corn, or a
defiency in the soil? Could the kernels have gone rancid in storage? Could I
roast or heat the corn before grinding to alter its flavor?
                       I would be grateful for any input on this matter, as
I have a great deal of this corn and no use for it besides eating it!
                      Donahuer at 

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