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>           Would someone please refer me to a list of schools that offer
>undergrad B.A.'s in sustainable/alternative/organic agriculture.

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Subject: request for sustainable ag info
Date: 7 Dec 1994 00:00:05 -0000

        RE: Request for Sustainable Ag materials:
        Here is what I have so far:
        Please  inquire at the National Ag Library re: training and
opportunities in sustainable ag.  They have a publication entitled:
Educational and Training Opportunities in SA, 6th edition.  It is
comprehensive.  Available free from the following:
NAL Alternative Farming Systems Information Center
USDA, NAL, Room 111, 10301 Baltimore Blvd., Beltsville, MD
Another source:  Sustainable Ag Network's SA Directory of Expertise,
>from  Sustainable Ag Publications, Hills Bldg., Room 12, U of VT, Burlington,
VT  05405-0082.
        Also, if you want to receive the packet of information that we
CIAS (Center for Integrated Agricultural Systems), UW-Madison,
Madison, WI
send out to prospective graduate students, please provide me with a
address.  This packet is too bulky for email.
        You may email your address to: TROYAN at MACC.WISC.EDU
        OR PHONE ME @608-262-5200. Leave message on my voice mail if I
am not
at my desk.
        Thanking you for your interest,
        Selma Troyanoski, CIAS Secretary
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From: rjsalvad at (Ricardo J Salvador)
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Subject: UC Davis Sustainable Ag Systems Course
Date: 21 Mar 1994 15:04:06 GMT
Organization: Iowa State University, Ames, IA

The University of California-Davis is once again offering their summer
course: Introduction to Sustainable Agricultural Systems (Agronomy
The course is worth 6 units of UC Davis credit and is graded on a
no pass basis.

Location: Student Experimental Farm, Univ. California-Davis
Dates: June 27-Aug. 18, 1994 (Approximately 25 hours/week)
Fees: $504.00 (Late fees assessed if materials received after May 27)

There is limited enrollment capacity, and qualified applicants are
accepted on first come/first serve basis APPLY EARLY.

Lectures, laboratories and discussions are combined with three
of practical field experience each week and numerous field trips to
provide a holistic and multidisciplinary introduction to the
and practices of sustainable agriculture. Emphasis is on the biology
and management of agroecosystems, the social, economic and political
aspects of agriculture are also examined.

For information and application materials, contact:

Mark Van Horn
Student Experimental Farm
Department of Agronomy
Univ. California
Davis, CA 95615

(916) 752-7645


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