Looking for a permaculture book

graham gburnett at unisonfree.net
Tue Jan 9 17:05:07 EST 2001

You could try Permanent Publication's Earth Repair Catalogue, online at

They definately have The Earth User's Guide To Permaculture by rosemary

Morrow, tho' not sure about Teachers Notes.

If you want an EXCELENT permaculture teacher's manual, you could do far
worse than checking out;

edited by Andrew Goldring
Published in association with WWF and the Permaculture Association
(Britain), this is an excellent guide to methods for teaching sustainability
by 35 leading UK permaculturists. It includes the exploration of central
themes, teaching techniques, ideas, strategies, check-lists, practical
hands-on learning exercises, how to convene courses and a good resource
section. An invaluable manual for anyone wishing to teach design courses or
intergrate permaculture ideas into their presentations or group work. B/W
photos, diagrams and mind maps. 388pp"

Sky & Robin Clayfield's 'Teaching Permaculture Creatively' is also

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> I have a copy.  It was printed by Kangaroo Press.  Guess what
> locale is best represented.  It has 152 pages & lots of diagrams.
> Looks pretty good!
> My copy came from Permaculture Resources, which is now
> Rodale Institute, 610-683-1400.
> Greg wrote:
> > >I am looking for a permaculture book called:
> > >Earthuser's Guide to Permaculture: Teacher's Notes
> > >by Rosemary Morrow, 1997, 086417800X.

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